10 eminent artists unite to champion Kashmir’s Pashmina legacy through online exhibition

Srinagar, Dec 23: In a dazzling display of colour and intricate craftsmanship, ten renowned artists have breathed new life into the endangered art of Kashmiri Pashmina.

These artists organised “The Grand Pashmina Ehsaas,” marking a significant step in redefining the image of Pashmina artisans and revitalising the fashion landscape.

A statement said that these eminent artists, transcending the stereotypical image of artists from the past, are determined to bring a sense of royalty and modernity to the forefront. Through their work, they aim to make a profound impact on the perception of contemporary India, blending tradition and culture into a harmonious celebration of artistry.

“The Grand Pashmina Ehsaas” not only showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Pashmina but also underscores the importance of recognising and bringing the karigars (artisans) and weavers into the spotlight. In a departure from the usual news concerning Kashmir, the exhibition emphasizes pride in cultural heritage and the deep-rooted traditions of the country.

The initiative aligns with the Make in India ideology, championed by the Prime Minister, emphasising the global appeal of India’s historic cultural legacy. Luminaries such as Prof. Niren Sengupta, Shridhar Iyer, Niladri Paul, Gagan Vij, Priyendra Shukla, Vimmi Indra, Sonali Durga Chaudhari, Anki Bhutia, Durga Kainthola, and Manisha Gawade herself converge in this digital canvas to celebrate the intricate artistry and rich heritage of Kashmiri Pashmina.

Manisha Gawade, the visionary behind the exhibition, expresses her emotions, stating, “The Grand Pashmina Ehsaas” is a pioneering effort to save Pashmina from extinction. I urge everyone to prepare for this vibrant show, soon to leap off the screen and grace physical canvases in the coming months. Let the artistry orchestrate awareness. I urge all to join the chorus to preserve this silken symphony for generations to come.”

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Ehsaas, born in 2012 from the vision of Manisha Gawade and her late sister Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi, has empowered countless artists and artisans across various disciplines. “Ehsaas” has been a trailblazer in artistic innovation, spearheading the first-ever wearable art installation.

Pashmina, often referred to as the “soft gold” of textiles, holds a lineage as rich as its luxurious texture. Derived from the fleece of Changthangi goats native to Ladakh, Pashmina reflects the resilience of nature and craftsmanship. The intricate art of Pashmina embroidery dates back to the 15th century, flourishing under the Mughals and becoming a symbol of luxury and cultural heritage.


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