11th bilateral consular dialogue strengthens India-US relations

New Delhi, Feb 23: The 11th bilateral Consular Dialogue between India and the United States convened in New Delhi today.

Led by Dr K J Srinivasa, Joint Secretary (CPV) in the Ministry of External Affairs, India hosted the US delegation headed by Ambassador Rena Bitter, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Department of State. The dialogue underscored the enduring people-to-people ties and collaborative efforts between the two nations on consular matters of mutual concern.

Deliberations encompassed strategies to bolster cooperation across various fronts including extradition, facilitating mobility for students and professionals, ensuring safe and lawful migration, protecting vulnerable women and children, and facilitating seamless travel for nationals of both countries.

A significant highlight was the acknowledgement and endorsement of a pilot program in the United States aimed at expediting the renewal process for certain visa categories, perceived as proactive measures to fortify the robust ties between the populace of both nations. Both parties concurred on convening the subsequent Consular Dialogue in the United States next year, signifying a commitment to sustained engagement and collaboration in consular affairs.


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