9 villages in Baramulla continue to reel under water scarcity for several years

Baramulla, Jan 5: Persistent water scarcity has affected around nine villages across Baramulla district for decades, leaving residents to rely on water tankers or polluted streams for their daily needs.

The situation, however, may see a positive turn with the Government of India’s ambitious Jal Jeevan Mission, a programme aimed at ensuring drinking water for the population.

The affected villages including Chenbal, Ganjipora, Bunichakul, Gund-e-Khawja Qasim, Badibugh, Singhpora, Ranbir Garh, Hanjiveera, and Trikolbal, have faced hardships due to the unavailability of tap water. Residents, desperate for a solution, are now placing their hopes on the Jal Jeevan Mission.

Despite the provision of water through tankers from the Jal Shakti department, the supply is often insufficient, compelling villagers to resort to fetching water from polluted streams, posing a risk of waterborne diseases.

Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Gund-e-Khawja Qasim, wished to get tap water supply in his village during his lifetime and highlighted the longstanding water scarcity issue.

“Thousands of people here are deprived of tap water. Decades ago, we used to get unpolluted water from streams and other water bodies. However, with time, most of these water sources have become contaminated, leading to the potential spread of waterborne diseases,” said Ghulam Muhammad.

Residents of Hanjiveera Pattan, a densely populated area in the Pattan block, face similar challenges. Tasaduq Hussain of Hanjiveera said that they are victims of unfulfilled promises of successive regimes during elections, pinning hopes on the current Governor administration to address the long-standing water crisis.

“Decades on the issue of drinking water continues to make the lives here miserable. The successive regimes although promised a lot during elections and even received our votes precisely for resolving our drinking water woes, but the issue was never resolved. Now, our hope is on the Governor’s administration,” said Tasaduq Hussain.

Acknowledging the issue, an official from the Jal Shakti department in Baramulla said that relief is on the way for these villages through various water supply schemes under the Jal Jeevan Mission programme.

The Executive Engineer Ajaz Ahmad Batoo assured that these villages had been identified, and schemes were in place to ensure round-the-clock water supply.

“All these villages will soon be provided with tap water. We are launching special water supply schemes for them under the Jal Jeevan Mission programme. Within a stipulated time, these villages will be connected to tap water,” assured Ajaz Ahmad Batoo.


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