Advisor Kotwal envisions Ladakh as a model for eco-friendly development

Leh, Jan 4: The Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, UT Ladakh, and Chairman of the Board of Management of Sindhu Infrastructure Development Corporation (SIDCO), Dr Pawan Kotwal presided over the 4th Board of Management Meeting at Hotel Grand Dragon, Leh held in a hybrid mode.

A statement said that the Meeting was marked by healthy discussions, strategic planning, visionary initiatives, and responsibilities of SIDCO aimed at accelerating SIDCO’s financial sustainability.

The Board discussed incorporating innovative technologies and sustainable practices in the execution of projects. Dr Pawan Kotwal emphasised Ladakh’s potential to become a model for environmentally conscious development, preserving its original beauty while embracing modern infrastructure.

The 4th Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting commenced with a momentous introduction by the Managing Director of SIDCO Amit Sharma. He provided a concise overview of SIDCO’s multifaceted activities, ongoing initiatives, and the carefully outlined agendas scheduled for deliberation during the meeting. The comprehensive introduction set the stage for a rich session in insights and strategic discussions.

Amit Sharma explained the diverse spectrum of activities undertaken by SIDCO, underscoring its pivotal role and he provided valuable insights into SIDCO’s ongoing initiatives, showcasing SIDCO’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and progress in Ladakh.

Following this, the General Manager of SIDCO, Dr Safdar Ali took the floor and shared an enlightening presentation summarizing the status and the accurately crafted action plan report of SIDCO. The detailed presentation served as a roadmap, guiding the Board of Directors, and stakeholders through SIDCO’s achievements, challenges, and the strategic framework proposed to boost SIDCO to new heights. This presentation of Agenda points explored the status of ongoing projects, highlighting achievements, milestones, and challenges faced by SIDCO. The action plan report outlined a strategic framework for the future, emphasizing key focus areas, investment opportunities, and collaborative initiatives.

During the presentation, Actions taken at the 3rd BoD Meeting were confirmed while providing a comprehensive understanding of SIDCO’s endeavours in this BoD Meeting Agenda points under visionary perspective sharing by Chair Dr Pawan Kotwal, thereby leading towards engaging discussions amongst the Board members, setting up the stage for informed decision-making and collaborative efforts.

The key highlights of the meeting included the strategic roadmap for SIDCO, outlining key milestones, timelines, and action plans. The emphasis was on aligning projects with Ladakh’s unique geographical and cultural landscape, ensuring a harmonious blend of modern development and preservation of the region’s heritage.

The Board precisely evaluated ongoing and proposed projects, with a focus on optimizing resources and enhancing efficiency. Dr Pawan Kotwal ensured that each project aligned with the overarching goal of fostering economic growth and social well-being.


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