After 3 decades Bhajans reverberate in temple at Maisuma

Srinagar, Jan 6: For the first time in the last three decades, the hymns and Bhajans reverberated at AnandIshwar Bhairav Mandir in Maisuma area of Srinagar where devotees commemorated the birth anniversary of Anandishwar by performing the Pooja.

According to a local news agency, KNO, during a special ceremony, the Pooja Havan ritual was performed, filling the peaceful surroundings with a strong sense of holiness and deep respect.

The AnandIshwar Bhairav Mandir witnessed the resumption of Pooja Havan ritual after a lengthy interval of three decades.

The event unfolded on the eve of Anandishwar’s birth anniversary, drawing devotees from far and wide to partake in the moment.

Sharing his elation, a care-taker from Mandir, said that after 32 years, they have reopened the revered AnandIshwar Bhairav Mandir here in Maisuma. “This mandir is renowned as Anandishwar Bharav or Bharav Mandir,” he said, adding, that “we have extended invitations to more than 100 to 200 individuals today, as we celebrate it’s reawakening after a hiatus of 32 years.”

People who worship there and from the locality were happy about the revival of this special place, as they enjoyed being part of the important rituals that they had been waiting for, making it a big moment in the history of the temple.


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