Amid outcry, JKPSC examines revised key of CCE-2023 preliminary exam

Srinagar, Nov 7: Amid an outcry over alleged errors in the revised key, the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) has examined the revised key issued for the Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) 2023 preliminary exam.

After the examination of the revised key, the Commission has declared that only two questions have potential errors that require correction.

This decision comes in the wake of complaints by several candidates who had raised concerns about the accuracy of the revised key, which, they said, included the deletion of four questions and revisions to various others.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, JKPSC Chairman Satish Chandra clarified the commission’s stance on the matter.

Chandra acknowledged that following the release of the provisional key for CCE-2023 the candidates had raised objections.

He said that the JKPSC referred the provisional key to experts for assessment and subsequently issued a revised key.

However, even after the revision, some candidates continued to express their dissatisfaction, prompting a further examination.

“In reality, only two questions in the revised key have potential errors that require correction, not 10 or 14,” Chandra said.

He said that the commission was currently reviewing these questions and would take the necessary corrective actions.

The controversy surrounding the revised key arose as JKPSC published it shortly after releasing the preliminary result of CCE-2023.

Scores of aspirants for the coveted Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service (JKAS) competitive exams complained to Greater Kashmir that the revised answer key was riddled with errors.

They claimed that despite providing ample valid proof to substantiate their claims, JKPSC had steadfastly refused to rectify the mistakes, which reportedly affected around 600 candidates.

The aspirants expressed their concerns about the changed and deleted questions, with some being straightforward and factual.

“The implications are far-reaching, leaving candidates in dismay,” said one of the aspirants.

The aspirants alleged that the JKPSC rejected the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) as an authentic source of knowledge by the JKPSC despite a Supreme Court ruling acknowledging its credibility.

However, the Chairman JKPSC clarified the commission’s stance on the issue saying that the commission respects the NCERT.

“But there are various aspects related to NCERT as well. Nevertheless, we must value expert opinions and can’t replace their knowledge,” he said.

The aggrieved aspirants said that the discrepancies in the revised answer key were stark with 14 questions receiving revisions, including four questions being deleted and options being altered for 10 questions.

However, the JKPSC Chairman reiterated that the candidates who claim otherwise were mistaken.

“We have sought the opinions of multiple experts and concluded that only two questions require revision,” he said.


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