Apni Party appeals for de-escalation of Israel-Palestine crisis

Srinagar, Oct 16: Apni Party, on Monday, called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to harness his extensive global influence to facilitate the de-escalation of the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis, which has resulted in hundreds of deaths and widespread destruction in recent days.

In a statement, Apni Party’s senior leader and Chief Spokesperson, Javid Hassan Baig, expressed his profound concern over the loss of lives and destruction caused by the ongoing conflict between the Israeli military and Palestinian fighters —Hamas. He implored Prime Minister Modi to use his personal influence and goodwill among world leaders to de-escalate the crisis.

Baig stated, “It is heart-wrenching to witness the loss of human lives in the ongoing Israel-Palestinian escalation. Hundreds of innocent lives have been tragically lost, and the devastation is apparent throughout the region. The influential world leaders must intervene in order to halt this senseless violence, as the world can no longer tolerate brutal wars and widespread destruction.”

He said, “Considering our Prime Minister’s significant influence over Western and Middle Eastern leadership, he must take the initiative to play a role in de-escalating the Israel-Palestinian crisis. I earnestly request that our Prime Minister take action in this matter.”

Baig further said that Apni Party strongly believes that all issues and conflicts should be resolved peacefully through dialogue, as the world can no longer endure brutal wars and destruction; thus, the call for peaceful conflict resolution becomes even more imperative.

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