Army constructs community shed at Baramulla shrine

Baramulla, Feb 11: The Torna Battalion, operating under the aegis of Pir Panjal Brigade, Dagger Division inaugurated a new community shed at Sirathani shrine in Bernate, Boniyar area of Baramulla district.

The Sirathani Bernate shrine is renowned for housing the Sufi saint Hazrat Baba Sakhi Datti, a devoted follower of Shahi Hamdan which is nestled approximately 20 kilometers from Boniyar.

The newly inaugurated community shed was constructed by the Indian Army with the support from the State Bank of India.”This initiative reflects the armed forces’ commitment to uplifting local communities and providing them with avenues for growth. The multifunctional space is designed to accommodate various activities, contributing to the well-being of the community,” the handout reads. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Army officers and the residents of the area. The Sirathani Bernate shrine, situated amidst charming villages like Batangi and Bernate, offers a picturesque trekking experience.


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