Article 370 decision: No arrest orders issued, clarify police

Srinagar, December 09: In response to recent social media posts causing undue concern, the local police issued a statement today, clarifying that there are no orders in place for any arrests, particularly related to court proceedings, including those connected with Article 370 by the apex court. The police emphasized that there are no restrictions on the movement of individuals, and daily life continues without hindrance.

Contrary to rumors circulating on various social media platforms, the police affirmed that examinations scheduled by different public bodies are proceeding as planned, businesses remain open, and transportation services are operating as usual.

The statement underscored that the common man’s daily routine is unaffected, and there is no intention or instruction from the police to curtail freedom of movement and activities.

While acknowledging the need to remain vigilant against attempts by a handful to disrupt peace, the police urged the public not to be swayed or intimidated by misleading social media posts.


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