Bandipora guy’s solar heating jacket protects water pipes from freezing

Srinagar, Dec 10: As the winter chill descends its grip, concerns over protecting outdoor water pipes intensify.

Amid chills and chaos, Jahangir Ahmad’s invention safeguards the outdoor water pipes to provide a sigh of relief to the people . Jahangir, along with his two students , Ifshana, Mehak and Shazia who hails from Bandipora have invented a solar heating jacket to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting during the cold-weather months. The solar self heating foam jacket works on the principle of uniform heating system. This foam jacket keeps the pipes warm throughout the winter season, offering a reliable defense against the damaging effects of freezing temperatures.

Jahangir Ahmad-who also invented a wireless prototype diaper with a new technology useful for adults, babies and for paralytic patients who can’t move their bodies, said that the primary culprit behind bursting of pipes is the temperature-related phenomenon.”When water within a pipe freezes, it leads to a surge in pressure, ultimately causing ruptures.But our innovation is solar powered which needs a litle heat and it would do wonders.Foam jacket can also run on inverter power supply because of its low power consumption,” he said.

He said that his invention addresses the critical issue of freezing pipes. “We provide a practical and efficient means of safeguarding outdoor water infrastructure from the perils of winter freeze,” he said.Ahmad said that unlike other patents of his innovations , he will directly introduce solar poqered foam heating jacket in the local markets. ” I will introduce our innovation soon in the local markets. I used to get offers from companies but this time our innovation will be directly visible in the markets,” he said.

Ahmad said that everyone should know that no matter what type of water pipe they have in their homes, all pipes will freeze, especially in cold northern regions, it is inevitable to solve the problem of water pipe freezing. ” But PPR water pipes are easy to break due to the cold, and stainless steel water pipes are very good. Stability and cold resistance,” he said. He said that the freezing of the pipeline is caused by the basic principle of thermal expansion and contraction. ” In the natural environment of ultra-low temperature in winter, especially in the north, when the average temperature is lower than zero, the pipeline is very easy to freeze. But we have a solution , our heating foam jacket will prove beneficial during winter season,” he said.

Jahangir Ahmad’s innovations have reached to countries like Japan. He got a business deal offer from a Japan based Unicharm company that that manufactures disposable hygiene products and one medal of honor from inventorium of purtugsia and Serbia. Jahangir Ahmad has also started an innovation institute titled as “Kashovatics” in Kashmir. Ahmad says, his institute helps students in problem identification, idea generation, idea validation, prototype development, research paper writing, copyright, and patenting. Ahmad’s other innovations are Kangri based smartphone charger, automatic titration plant, smart cradle system for babies, self-cleaning utensil for poultry farms,smart apiary system.


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