Bijhama in Uri emerging as new adventure tourist destination

Baramulla, Feb 18: The old-fashioned village of Bijhama in Uri area of Baramulla district, nestled along the picturesque border of Uri is emerging as a new adventure tourist destination, attracting thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts from different areas.

Bijahama, which has been popular for its serene lush green landscapes and traditional charm, is now being explored as an unexpected haven for adventure tourism.

The village, situated in the Uri area, has become a hotspot for adventure tourism, offering a unique blend of breathtaking scenery and heart-pounding activities.

Given the attraction the place offers in winter season, the youth in the area have formed various adventure clubs and are promoting this unexplored destination as the winter hotspot

“One of the places in Bijhama heights is known as Gawasher where people come with pet animals for grazing in summer. In winters, thsi place remains isolated but it has more to offer than what it seems in summer months,” said Farhaan Lone who often visits with his friends in the far off area of Bijhhama.

Farhan and his friends have formed a club known as Pirpanjal Adventure Club and are jointly promoting the place on social media.

“Besides summer months, we invite people to visit here in winter months as well. This place is so pleasant and it is full of adventure here,” Lone told Greater Kashmir.

Lone along with his other mates are on a mission to explore new places in Uri subdivision and Bijhama is one of the places in their list.

“It is always adventurous to visit the places which you had never been to before. We as a group in our adventure club have decided to explore all the unexplored places and routes in our Uri sub division,” Lone said.

The young minds in these places have become enthusiastic to explore their lesser known areas post India and Pakistan signed a ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri sector.

While the borders have remained silent over the past few years, the young enthusiastic youth like Farhan Lone have been giving their efforts to promote their destination.

Earlier, the episodes of ceasefire violations and shelling in border areas of Uri had left these areas out of bounds for the people.

“But now various groups of people can be seen visiting this place mostly in summers and we are trying to promote it as a winter destination as well,” Farhan Lone said.

Notably, the Indian Army opened Kaman Post, also known as the Bridge of Peace, situated along the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri sector of Baramulla district for tourists and common people, marking a significant moment of peace and tranquility in the region.

Around 64000 tourists visited the Kaman Post in 2023.

The decision to open Kaman Post for tourists paved the way for promoting the historic post as a tourist destination, an initiative made possible due to the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan.


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