Children’s Day celebrations held in schools across Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 14: Schools across Kashmir witnessed celebrations as students and teachers came together to mark Children’s Day with a plethora of extracurricular activities.

The day, dedicated to the children, saw a departure from the usual academic routine, with special treats, games, and performances taking center stage.

Following the morning assemblies, a festive atmosphere enveloped both government and private schools. Students were warmly welcomed with toffees and sweets, setting the tone for a day filled with merriment and camaraderie. The teachers in both government and private schools had decorated the premises and the school building to celebrate the Special Day of the school children.

In government schools, students were treated to special dishes as part of their Mid-Day Meal (MDM), while private schools organised unique activities to engage the young minds.

A teacher from north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, emphasized the importance of investing in the well-being of children. “Children are one of the most important resources of our country,” said Umar Rashid Bhat, a teacher posted in Chandoosa zone of Baramulla district.

The teacher said the future lies in the hands of these children, and “if we want a prosperous tomorrow, we have to invest in today’s child.” The “better we invest, the finer the future we get.”

Government Middle School Chandoosa in Baramulla was a hub of activities, with teachers and students alike participating wholeheartedly in the celebrations.

“It is the collective responsibility of teachers in nurturing the potential of today’s children for a brighter tomorrow. For the betterment of our future, we have to nourish today’s child, and for that, everyone has to play their role actively and, more importantly, honestly,” he said.

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Similar enthusiasm echoed through Government Middle School Hamray, where cultural performances and group dances were the order of the day. Teachers actively joined the festivities, celebrating the special day with their students.

Private schools were equally committed to making the day memorable for their students.

Dance performances by students and participation in other extracurricular activities marked the day at SRM Welkin Higher Secondary School in Sopore. The management of the school had decorated the campus and the building to celebrate the Children’s Day.

At Muslim International School in Gutiyar, Baramulla, students showcased their talents in activities like musical chair games and other performances, adding their unique flair to the celebrations.

Dressed in their school uniforms, the children spent the day engaged in a play-way method of learning.

Teachers emphasized the crucial role they play in shaping the future.

“Children are the torchbearers of tomorrow, and teachers need to keep this torch forever lit. We have to groom them to enlighten our future and keep the flame of knowledge alive,” another teacher said.

Notably, the Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) also extended his wishes to the school children across Kashmir on eve of the Children’s Day.


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