Chinar Farms real estate project unveiled

Srinagar, Nov 13: Raies Shah has unveiled his upcoming project, Chinar Farms, a testament to the fusion of premium living and affordability.

As per the statement issued here, the project, located in Kenihama, Nowgam, represents a paradigm shift in the real estate landscape, aiming to redefine the concept of luxury living within a reasonable budget. Raies Shah in a statement shared the inspiration behind Chinar Farms, stating that it stems from the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality housing without the burden of an exorbitant price tag.

“One of the distinguishing features of Chinar Farms is its commitment to uniform premium housing.” Raies Shah, when asked about how BUNYAAD real estate manages premium housing at budget-friendly prices, highlighted the use of innovative construction techniques and cost-effective design. He also mentioned strategic partnerships that ensure efficiency without compromising on the quality of the housing structures.

“Chinar Farms, under the leadership of Raies Shah, emerges as a pioneering venture that not only blends luxury with affordability but also sets the stage for a new era in the real estate industry. The opening of bookings on March 1, 2024, is eagerly awaited as individuals anticipate the opportunity to be part of this innovative and inclusive community,” the statement said.


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