Commuters face hard time due to traffic chaos on Srinagar-Baramulla Highway

Baramulla, Apr 3: Travellers along the Srinagar-Baramulla highway found themselves in a traffic chaos on Wednesday as massive jams crippled movement, particularly at Sangrama, Delina, and in the Baramulla town.

Persistent rainfall compounded the situation, exacerbating the woes of both motorists and pedestrians, who were left grappling with significant inconveniences due to the lack of traffic personnel from the concerned department.

Scores of vehicles remained gridlocked for hours, with frustrated commuters expressing their dismay at the absence of any regulation on the roads. “There is no one to regulate the traffic on the road, with the result, scores of vehicles have got stuck in the traffic jam,” said Amir Hussain, a bank employee. “Already it is raining and I had to reach Srinagar; it seems the traffic movement will show no sign of regulation, and I will reach late evening to my home,” he added.

The ongoing construction of flyovers at Sangrama and Delina emerged as a major bottleneck contributing to the traffic snarls. At Sangrama, authorities had implemented one-way traffic movement for the construction work, further complicating the flow of vehicles.

Meanwhile, the construction site at Delina posed another challenge, with the absence of traffic management exacerbating the inconvenience faced by highway travellers.

Expressing their frustration, commuters urged the Baramulla district administration to deploy police personnel at both Sangrama and Delina to regulate traffic flow and alleviate the hardships faced by commuters traversing the highway.


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