Contractors hold protest in Sogam over delay in release of payments

Kupwara, April 2: Scores of contractors affiliated with Lolab Contractors Association Tuesday staged a peaceful protest at Sogam against the concerned authorities for failing to release their payments.

The protesting contractors said that they were anticipating release of their payments before 31st March but that did not happen, leaving them in agony.

“The current financial year has ended and the bills raised against various development works are lying in Sogam Treasury. Don’t know why our bills were not cleared,” said a protestor.

“We have taken loans from banks and most importantly payment of labourers and suppliers is lying with us. We had promised them payment following the release of ours,” he added.

They said that they have decided to boycott new tenders and even work on ongoing projects would be stopped unless their pending payments are not released.

They appealed to concerned authorities to release their payments ahead of Eid so that their families can also celebrate Eid along with others.


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