COVID-19 Sparks Major Healthcare Digital Transformation

Globally, 71% of healthcare professionals have indicated that, among various macro events, the COVID-19 pandemic exerted the most significant influence on the digital transformation within the healthcare sector in recent years, according to a survey conducted by GlobalData, a prominent data and analytics company.

Navigating Healthcare Challenges: Insights from Expert

Elton Kwok, Market Research Manager in Pharma at GlobalData, remarks, “Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has faced considerable challenges, ranging from the pandemic to other macro-events such as Brexit, inflation, or geopolitical conflicts. The survey respondents seem to view the pandemic as the event with the most profound impact on the process of digitalization, prompting businesses to adjust their investment strategies and growth projections in response to the disruptions caused by these events.”

Globally, unprecedented challenges were brought about by the pandemic, encompassing constraints on movement, disruptions in logistics, and diminished business activities for pharmaceutical companies.

Nevertheless, in tandem, the merits and advantages ushered in by emerging technologies have captured heightened interest.

Instances of effective application, such as the proliferation of decentralized or virtual clinical trials, the integration of AI, big data utilization, telemedicine, digital wearables, cloud computing, and the utilization of real-world evidence, are experiencing an upward trend.

Source: Medindia


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