Crafting Triumph: Masarat Subhan forges a path to success

Srinagar, Jan 7: Breaking away from the conventional career expectations, Masarat Subhan, a trailblazing designer from Srinagar, has not only pursued her passion for fashion but has also achieved international recognition, a rare accomplishment for a Kashmiri girl.

The journey of Masarat, who holds a master’s degree in commerce, is marked by determination, resilience, and the successful establishment of her venture, the “Vie en Rose” designer store.

While her family envisioned a future in medicine for Masarat, her unwavering passion for fashion design propelled her to embark on a different path. In 2019, she founded “Vie en Rose,” a women’s designer wear store, signalling the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

“My family has been a steadfast pillar of support throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Their unwavering encouragement played a pivotal role in my success. Even during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, I managed to conduct operations from home, extending support by providing housing for my workers in our outhouse. This underscores the collaborative effort within my family, which has been instrumental in Vie en Rose’s journey.”

“The initial stages of launching Vie en Rose presented significant challenges. Securing financial assistance posed a notable hurdle, with the process requiring substantial effort in Kashmir’s unique economic landscape. Additionally, the shutdown in 2019 posed operational challenges, hindering tasks due to a lack of internet and phone access. For several months, I had to physically run around to accomplish tasks that could have been completed with a simple phone call.”

“Despite the scepticism, particularly concerning women in business, I persevered with determination, fortified by the unwavering support of my family. Facing difficulties, such as the 2019 shutdown and the subsequent COVID-19 challenges, I instinctively developed a mindset that acknowledges the inherent problems in running a business,” Masarat said.

Navigating through these challenges is crucial for survival, emphasising the importance of resilience and persistence, she says.

“Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, there have been several instances that I consider as milestones. Witnessing a surge in work that necessitated doubling the size of my workshop, receiving my first international order from the US without a website, and becoming a costume designer for a music video were all significant achievements. My fashion designing course from the London School of Trends under Manish Malhotra further enriched my skills and perspectives.”

“From having only one employee a few years ago, Vie en Rose now employs 23 individuals, a source of immense satisfaction for me.”

“My message to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially girls, is clear – never give up, stay focused, and work hard to realise your dreams in the entrepreneurial world. Challenges are inevitable, but success becomes an achievable reality with resilience and persistence.”

In conclusion, Masarat expressed her ambitious vision for the future, aiming to expand her successful fashion business not only within the borders of Jammu and Kashmir but also on a national and international scale.


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