Dal Lake’s Sunset Park under Smart City Project aims to provide spectacular viewing decks

Srinagar, Oct 29: The Jammu and Kashmir government has stepped up work on various projects under the Srinagar Smart City project.
According to officials, the lakefront development aims to construct a Sunset Park providing viewing decks for the visitors to view the beauty of the Dal Lake.

“This initiative will transform the Dal Lake into a popular site and offer residents and tourists a hassle-free and enjoyable experience along the picturesque Dal Lake,” an official said.

Sunset Park is a popular recreational area, and under the Smart City initiative, footpath construction projects can enhance accessibility and safety in such public spaces.

These projects often involve well-planned walkways, lighting, and landscaping to create pedestrian-friendly environments. The specific details and progress of such projects would depend on the city’s initiatives and developments.

Mohammad Iqbal, contractor, Srinagar Smart City Ltd, said, “The construction which is right now going on will help in the beautification of the city and attract tourists and tourists will be able to sit in this sunset Park and can enjoy the beauty of Dal Lake.”

Sunset Park and allied infrastructure will enhance the liability of the area and provide a new tourist spot.

These viewing decks for tourists and locals will help restore the beauty of Dal Lake and create better facilities for visitors to experience the rich heritage, according to officials.

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