Dir Sericulture stresses on quality cocoon production

Srinagar, Dec 10: In a spontaneous move to assess and invigorate the functioning of key sericulture establishments, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, the Director of Sericulture Development Department in Jammu and Kashmir, conducted a surprise visit to various offices in Srinagar and Budgam.

A statement said that the surprise inspection included the offices of Principal Sericulture Training Institute in Srinagar, District Sericulture Office in Srinagar, and the District Sericulture Office in Budgam. Director Ajaz Ahmad Bhat actively participated in the visit, focusing on checking employee attendance and encouraging a sense of dedication among the staff.

During his interaction with the employees, Director Bhat urged them to share their technical expertise with silkworm rearers. This collaborative effort, he emphasised, would contribute to the production of high-quality cocoons and result in a bumper crop. The Director’s emphasis on fostering a spirit of dedication is seen as a pivotal step towards enhancing productivity in the sericulture sector.

Furthermore, Director Bhat provided strategic guidance, advising the employees to work tirelessly to meet cocoon production targets and prepare for the upcoming rearing season. Recognising the importance of a proactive approach, he underscored the need for all field functionaries to adopt a proactive stance when engaging in technical activities in the Mulberry Farms and Nurseries under the department’s purview.

The surprise visit by Director Ajaz Ahmad Bhat reflects a commitment to ensuring the seamless functioning of sericulture-related establishments, with a clear focus on achieving production goals and maintaining a high standard of technical expertise.


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