District-level Kala Utsav competition held in  Ganderbal


Ganderbal, Nov 13: The District level Kala Utsav Competition for District Ganderbal organised by Chief Education Officer Ganderbal, was held at BHSS Ganderbal  This event was a vibrant celebration of artistic and cultural talents, featuring the participation of numerous schools that had gathered under the resplendent banner of Kala Utsav.

Jury members Nisar Naseem from Radio Kashmir,  Talseem Arif,  Magray Fayaz from Kangan, Ashiq Hussain from JKSSM, Wajida from BHS Gutlibagh to judge the art of different categories .

The venue remained abuzz with excitement as students from various schools showcased their artistic prowess in a diverse array of programmes. The air was filled with a sense of creativity and cultural unity as young talents from different backgrounds came together to express their artistic abilities.

Throughout the day, the auditorium echoed with the melodious tunes of music, the rhythmic beats of dance, and the mesmerizing strokes of fine arts. The audience was treated to a visual and auditory feast, experiencing the rich tapestry of India’s cultural diversity through the performances and exhibits.

Judges, teachers, and students alike were impressed by the exceptional talents on display, and the competition fostered an environment of camaraderie and mutual appreciation. The District level Kala Utsav competition for District Ganderbal  served as a testament to the power of art and culture in bringing communities together and nurturing the creative spirits of the next generation. It was a day to remember, filled with colors, melodies and the heartwarming unity of diversity.

The toppers from each category will represent District Ganderbal at Divisional Level Competition at Srinagar.

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The merit holders were felicitated with certificates by Principal GHSS Ganderbal Sofi Altaf Hussain, Principal GHSS Kangan  Rumisa Sangeen, Headquarter Assistant  Rafiq Ahmad DNOs, ZNOs and escort teachers.


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