Diwali milan prog held at Abhinav Theatre

Jammu, Nov 11: Kashmir Sewa Sangh organised a Diwali Milan programme at Abhinav Theatre in Jammu.
According to a press release the event was attended among others by Sanjita Dogra, President Mahila Morcha BJP, Anissa Nabi, Sales Tax Officer, Suhail Kazmi, social activist and journalist, Anita Chanpuri, Prabhari Kashmir Sewa Sangh, and Saba Qadri, Spokesperson Kashmir Sewa Sangh.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome extended to all attendees, setting the stage for a vibrant and culturally rich celebration. The programme featured a variety of performances, cultural presentations, and traditional Diwali rituals that captivated the audience and added to the festive fervor.
The Chief Guest for the occasion was Firdous Baba, Chief of Kashmir Sewa Sangh, whose presence added a special vibrancy to the event. His commitment to community welfare and inclusive celebrations was evident throughout the festivities.

Sanjita Dogra, the President of Mahila Morcha BJP, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour, sharing her thoughts on the significance of Diwali and the importance of unity and harmony in society. Anissa Nabi, Sales Tax Officer, added a touch of administrative flair to the event, emphasising the cultural diversity that enriches our nation. Suhail Kazmi, a distinguished social activist and journalist, shared insights on the cultural significance of Diwali and its universal message of light triumphing over darkness.

Anita Chanpuri, Prabhari Kashmir Sewa Sangh, and Saba Qadri, Spokesperson Kashmir Sewa Sangh, represented the organization and expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of the community.
The event witnessed a harmonious blend of cultural performances, traditional rituals, and expressions of goodwill. The lighting of lamps symbolized the triumph of light over darkness and the victory of good over evil.

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Firdous Baba expressed his gratitude to the guests, participants, and the community for joining in the Diwali celebrations. He emphasized the significance of unity and communal harmony, echoing the spirit of Diwali.


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