Dozens killed in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands Region

New Delhi, Feb 19: Dozens of people were killed in a tribal conflict that erupted in Papua New Guinea’s remote Highlands region, according to authorities. The incident occurred during an ambush in the Enga province over the weekend, as confirmed by a national police spokesman speaking to the BBC.

The Highlands area, plagued by long standing violence, now faces what authorities believe to be the most severe bout of killings in recent memory. The proliferation of illegal firearms has intensified clashes, exacerbating an already volatile situation.

Initial reports suggested a death toll of at least 64, but subsequent revisions lowered the figure to 26 after a miscount, though the Papua New Guinea police have yet to confirm this adjustment, BBC reported.

Tensions in the region, often stemming from disputes over land and wealth distribution among tribes, prompted a three-month lockdown in Enga last July, during which police enforced curfews and travel restrictions.

Previous instances of violence garnered international attention, notably in August last year when graphic footage involving three deceased individuals circulated online.

Security concerns extend beyond tribal disputes, as evidenced by the Papua New Guinea government’s declaration of a state of emergency following deadly rioting and looting last month, which left at least 15 people dead.


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