Drivers in Baramulla urged to adhere to traffic rules

Baramulla, Feb 11: The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) in Baramulla today urged the drivers to adhere to traffic rules.

According to an official press release, MVD continues its relentless efforts to promote road safety awareness among the People, particularly the driver community.

During the campaign today officers of the MVD distributed roses and chocolates among drivers as a goodwill gesture.

The initiative aimed to remind drivers of the critical importance of adhering to traffic rules, avoiding speeding, and practicing safe driving habits. By distributing roses and chocolates, the MVD sought to engage with drivers in a positive manner, encouraging them to prioritize safety on the roads.

Speaking on the occasion, Muazzam Ali, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Baramulla, emphasized the significance of following traffic rules to ensure safe journeys for all. He urged drivers to remain vigilant, avoid rush driving, and prioritize the safety of themselves and others on the road.

The MVD Baramulla remains committed to its mission of promoting road safety awareness and will continue to adopt various initiatives to achieve this goal. Through collaborative efforts with the community, the department strives to create a culture of responsible driving and reduce road accidents in the region.


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