DSEK initiates verification of service particulars of 88 employees

Srinagar, Nov 6: The School Education Department (SED) has initiated verification of 88 employees of the department whose initial appointment orders are not available on Human Resource Management System (HRMS) of the department.

The move comes after the General Administration Department (GAD) flagged that the initial appointment orders of these employees were not available with the department.

In wake of this, the Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK), on the directions of the administrative department on Tuesday (November 6) communicated to all the Chief Education Officers (CEOs) to submit the requisite information in respect of the officials of the department figuring in the list of the GAD.

“The information be submitted along-with the connected documents and your recommendations regarding genuineness of the claims of these employees regarding regular appointment and continuous unblemished public service, enabling this Directorate to share the same with the Administrative Department accordingly,” reads an official communication addressed to all the CEOs.

Notably, the GAD on October 31 of 2023 had sought verification of the service records of the employees on JKHRMS, in whose cases the initial appointment orders were not available.

In an official communication addressed to Administrative department of SED, the Under Secretary of GAD, on the direction Secretary GAD has sought list of employees as generated from JK-HRMS database, enclosed whose salaries have kept withheld since the roiling out of JKHRMS because of non-availability of initial appointment orders.

The GAD has stated that in order to establish the genuineness of the appointment of these employees, some supporting documents, though not exhaustive, are critical in support of the claim of the employee in whose case the initial appointment order is not available.

The supporting documents include authenticated first page of service book indicating relevant entries regarding initial appointment, recommendation of SSB/PSC (in case of direct recruitment), entries in muster roll or in allied record regarding payment of wages before regularization (in case of regularization of contractual/daily-wager/ad-hoc, reference of appointment in record. (DPC minutes/Quasi permanent order/notified seniority etc.) e) Entries regarding initial appointment in Pay Acquaintance Roll/Allied record, reference of archives department or government Gazette and other related documents as well.

“It is requested that the requisite information as per the enclosed format along with the connected documents and recommendation of the Administrative Department regarding genuineness of the claims of the employees regarding regular appointment and continuous unblemished public service may be furnished to this department,” the official communication reads.

The department has been asked to submit the documents within fortnight positively for placing the cases before the committee constituted vide Government Order No. 863-3K(GAD) of 2023 dated July 17 of 2023 for consideration.




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