Faith, Hope, and Frayed Nerves

Bandipora, Jan 21: Emotions ran high in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Sunday as hundreds of people gathered at Eidgah to offer special prayers for rain and snow amid a snowless winter.

The Auqaf Islamia Bandipora had called for organising the Salat-ul-Istisqa, prayers in response to the unprecedented dry conditions that have affected people from various walks of life and raised fears of devastation.

Sheikh-ul-Hadees Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi who led the prayers highlighted its importance, citing how the Prophets used to pray for rain during droughts.

Qasmi also referred to the Quranic teachings on how vital snow and rain are for all the creatures on earth and how science is practical of the theories already described in the Quran.

He said that in situations like these, “everyone was helpless” no matter the religion and even “atheists” would seek some divine intervention for some “drops of rain to fall”.

“So, it is for Allah to decide if he wishes to bring the rain or not,” and nobody can do anything about it,” Qasmi said.

He said that the lack of rain was not the problem of an individual, a community, or a society, but of all living beings, and that was why the special prayers were held.

Qasmi said that besides seeking forgiveness for self and others, it was important for people to feed the poor by giving in charity, offering Zakat, and helping the needy for the prayers to be answered.

He also recalled that in Kashmir, people would donate money or goods and feed the poor and everyone.

Qasmi said that the aim was that people should ask for forgiveness, help the needy, feed the hungry, and do good deeds as these were practices that would bring blessing and rain from Allah.

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