Financial constraints cast a shadow on rural sports infrastructure in J&K

Srinagar, Nov 5: In a glaring revelation that exposes the major weaknesses within the Sports Department of Jammu and Kashmir, financial constraints have continued to hinder efforts to provide adequate sports infrastructure in the villages.

Alongside this pressing issue, the official documents, available with Greater Kashmir revealed that the scarcity of trained coaches adds to the growing predicament.

“Due to lack of manpower, the department is facing difficulty in maintaining the already created sports infrastructure,” the official document reads.

The hilly topography of the Union Territory also emerges as a substantial hindrance, impeding the establishment of spacious and high-quality playfields.

In contrast to these glaring inadequacies, the government analysis of the department has revealed that there are ample opportunities available to channel the youth energy in a positive way, through their active participation in the various sports event.

The official document underlines that successful sportspersons not only gain opportunities to compete at national and international levels but also secure employment based on sports quotas.

As a grim consequence of the non-availability of sports infrastructure in far-flung areas and remote villages, the government expresses apprehension regarding the youth’s susceptibility to social evils in the absence of productive engagement in sports. “If the idle mind of the youth is not engaged in sports, it is apprehended that the youth may get involved in social evils,” the official document reads.

Nevertheless, government analysis has revealed the proactive stance taken by the Youth Services and Sports Department in addressing this critical issue.

The department is committed to creating sports infrastructure in every nook and corner of the Union Territory, aiming not only to enhance the health of its citizens but also to prevent them from falling prey to social evils and anti-national activities.

“The department is presently in the process of developing world-class sports infrastructure across the UT of J&K by constructing playfields, stadia, multipurpose indoor sports halls, and various sports courts with the aim of achieving the overall development of the youth of J&K,” the official document reads, signalling a ray of hope for the region’s budding athletes.

Furthermore, the department has initiated substantial measures, including the creation of world-class stadiums in the capital cities of J&K, alongside multipurpose indoor sports halls established in every district. “So far, 50 lakh youth have been engaged in various sports activities under Har Din Khel and Har Ek Liye Khel by organizing YSS Cup, LG’s Rolling Trophy, and My Youth My Pride.”


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