Gayoor Foundation discusses key organisational matters

Srinagar, Nov 4: An important meeting of Jammu and Kashmir Gayoor Foundation was held in Srinagar under the chairmanship of Foundation Chairman Syed Showkat Gayoor Andrabi, in which organisational matters were discussed.

The meeting was attended by the members of the newly formed core committee and the future plans of the foundation were discussed.

The Chairman talked to several members of the Executive Council online, during which the well-known penman, poet, writer and stage artist Zahoor Ragi was unanimously elected as the general secretary of the foundation, while the young penman and journalist Showkat Hamid Shah was given the responsibility of publicity secretary.

During the meeting, Latif Saifullah and members of the core committee congratulated Zahoor Ragi and Shaukat Hameed and expressed hope that they will try to take the Ghayoor Foundation to greater heights.

Establishing the head office of the foundation in Srinagar and establishing subsidiary offices at the district headquarters and other important matters were also reviewed to make the foundation active.

The Foundation will increase contacts with the relevant institutions at the governmental and non-governmental level and will communicate with all the personalities associated with the Foundation.  During the presidential address, Engineer Syed S. Gayoor Andrabi thanked all the members and congratulated the newly elected General Secretary Zahoor Ragi and Publicity Secretary Showkat Hamid and expressed the hope that Gayoor Foundation would bring forward a programme for the common good.


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