GMC Anantnag secures 11 more DNB seats for 2024 session

Srinagar, Jan 05: Government Medical College (GMC) Anantnag has made remarkable strides in postgraduate education, securing accreditation for an additional eleven (11) DNB seats from the National Board of Examinations (NBEMS) New Delhi for the 2024 session. This accomplishment elevates the total count of accredited seats to an impressive sixty-three (63).

Prof (Dr) Anjum Farhana, the Principal of GMC Anantnag, expressed appreciation for the pivotal roles played by various departments, including Orthopedics (3 seats), Pathology (3 seats), Microbiology (3 seats), and Physiology (2 seats). She emphasized the dual impact of these additions, enriching academic pursuits and enhancing the quality of patient care.

Dr. Azia Manzoor, DNB Coordinator and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine, highlighted the significance of this accreditation as it marks the eighteenth department at GMC Anantnag recognized by the National Board of Examinations (NBE), New Delhi. He also noted that GMC Anantnag stands as the sole medical college with the highest number of accredited DNB seats among new medical colleges.

This accreditation underscores the institution’s unwavering dedication to delivering advanced education and training in diverse medical fields, reinforcing its role in nurturing skilled healthcare professionals.

Dr. Owvass H Dar, the spokesperson for GMC Anantnag, stands as a representative of this achievement, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to transparency and effective communication with the public. The milestone reflects GMC Anantnag’s pursuit of excellence in medical education and its contribution to shaping a robust healthcare landscape.


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