Govt orders delineation of land in Kathua, Samba

Jammu, Dec 19: The Revenue Department Tuesday issued directions for the delineation of lands outside the water course in the twin districts of Samba and Kathua.

An official spokesman in a statement issued here said that as per the government order No 207 JK Rev of 2023, delineation exercise has been carried out in six villages of the twin districts.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had taken notice of the long pending demand of the people for delineation and demarcation of lands recorded as Gair Mumkin Khad and issued directions for taking up the delineation exercise.

The process of delineation had gathered momentum after this directive.

A detailed scientific procedure was finalised for the delineation and demarcation of lands falling within and outside water bodies.

Three-tier UT level, divisional level, and district level committees had been constituted and with necessary technical assistance from the Irrigation and Flood Control Department, khad lands in various parts of Jammu division are presently under process of delineation.

The Revenue Department has previously carried out delineation in seven villages of Jammu, Samba, and Kathua on the recommendation of the three-tier committee constituted for the purpose.

As per the instant order, delineation has now been carried out in Katli and Bandheri villages of Samba and Taraf Manjli, Majra, Bhagthali and Maqsoospur villages of Kathua.

Land over 8000 kanal has been delineated as falling within and outside water bodies spanning 260 khasra numbers.

The lands so delineated include both public and private lands.

Some of the delineated land is being made available for development projects like industrial estates. Before the order, nearly 9000 kanal of land had been delineated as falling outside the water body.

The process of delineation is underway in several other villages of Jammu division and soon further delineation of public and private khad lands is expected to be finalised to address the long pending demand of the people.


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