Gulmarg Snow School navigates snow scarcity, successfully conducts Ski course at Botapathri

Commencing on December 28 and concluding on January 5, the course drew the participation of 39 students from various parts of the country. Despite the hurdles posed by the weather, the Gulmarg Snow School successfully navigated the snow scarcity, ensuring a valuable learning experience for the participants.

During the concluding phase of the course, an examination was conducted, and three students stood out for their exceptional performance. Burhuddin Dholakwala, Qaizer Rangoonwala, and Burhuddin Rashid secured the first three positions, showcasing their dedication and skill in the challenging conditions.

Tariq Zargar, Vice-Principal of the Gulmarg Snow School, highlighted the challenges faced by the institution due to the cancellation of intermediate and advanced level courses. Despite these setbacks, the decision to proceed with the basic course at Botapathri, where a sufficient amount of snow accumulation allowed for training, proved to be a wise move.

“We were forced to cancel bookings of intermediate and advanced level courses. However, we decided to go ahead with the basic course at Botapathri, which had some snow accumulation to hold such a level of training course,” explained Tariq Zargar.


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