Hindi play ‘Sahara’ presented in Jammu

Jammu, Nov 12: Natrang presented a new Hindi play “Sahara” written and directed by Neeraj Kant here today under Natrang’s weekly theatre series  “Sunday Theatre.”

According to a press release, the  play begins with the actors narrating about the orphaned children of people killed in wars, epidemics, natural disasters and accidents.  Along with this, a girl narrates the painful story of her and her siblings becoming orphans after the untimely death of her father and mother, who were victims of terrorism.  That is why artists inspire common people to support children, it added.

“In the second scene, a young girl Ganga narrates the painful story of her being orphaned, saying that as soon as she regained consciousness in her childhood, she found herself in an orphanage. She did not know what parents and relationships were. Always longed for the love of her parents. But today she is very happy, because along with her parents, she has also got a life partner.  She says she is no longer an orphan and has a family of her own, and this has been possible only because of the parents who adopted her,” the press release said.

Ganga’s husband wanted from the very beginning to make a destitute girl his life partner.  Although he faced some difficulty in convincing his parents about his marriage with Ganga, but ultimately, they agreed and he married Ganga.  Even after five years of marriage, no child has been born to them.  Ganga, who grew up in an orphanage, with the idea of adopting a child, reaches the District Child Protection Unit to know the rules and regulations of the adoption process.  Here the officer provides information to Ganga as well as the general public about the rules applicable in the adoption process, the press release said.

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It added that in another scene, an adult couple, who want to adopt a child between the ages of 6 and 18, learn about the rules of child adoption.  While explaining the process of adoption of older children, the officer inspires the common people to support these orphan children and thus the play ends, the press release said.

Natrang young artists who performed in the play included Abhimanyu Choudhary, Aadesh Dhar, Kushal Bhat, Palshin Dutta, Mehak Chib and Vishal Sharma. The show was coordinated by Mohammad Yaseen.


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