‘Horticulture’s pivotal role propels regional development’

Srinagar, Jan 6: Director Horticulture Kashmir, G. R. Mir today attended a mega awareness camp in Budgam district, aimed at empowering local farmers with insights into the latest horticultural schemes and technical advancements.

The event witnessed active participation from key stakeholders, including Chief Horticulture Officer Budgam, Dr M Iqbal Baba; officers and officials from the department, and representatives of PRIs.

More than 300 farmers, predominantly engaged in fruit cultivation, were present at the camp, highlighting the importance of the occasion.

The primary focus of the program was to disseminate crucial information about various Union Territory and centrally sponsored schemes. Prominent among them were the HADP (Holistic Agriculture Development Programme), High-Density Plantation Scheme, and MIDH (Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture).

To ensure effective outreach, an online application system for availing the benefits of departmental schemes was demonstrated in detail, providing the common farmer with a comprehensive understanding of the process.

A technical guidance session was conducted by experts from the Department and covered essential aspects of successful and profitable fruit cultivation, including the latest technical interventions. This session aimed to equip farmers with the knowledge necessary to enhance their horticultural practices.

In his address, the Director of Horticulture underscored the department’s vision and ongoing initiatives. He emphasised the pivotal role of horticulture in propelling the region’s overall development, highlighting the potential for growth and sustainability within the sector.

The event served as a dynamic platform for stakeholders to engage directly with the department, fostering a collaborative environment for the mutual benefit of the horticulture community.

A grievance and redressal session at the end allowed participants to address concerns and seek solutions.


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