Hosts Delhi aim to set benchmark in inaugural Khelo India Para Games

New Delhi, Dec 6: As the countdown to the Khelo India Para Games reaches its final stages, Delhi State stands on the cusp of making history. The capital is not only prepared to host a world-class sporting event but is also eager to showcase its unwavering support for para-athletes.

As preparations are in full swing to host the inaugural Khelo India Para Games starting December 10, athletes and enthusiasts alike are buzzing with excitement, ready to showcase the city’s commitment to promoting inclusiveness and excellence in sports for all.

Delhi has made significant strides in embracing para sports, dismantling barriers and challenging stereotypes that have long confined differently-abled athletes. The state’s proactive measures in providing accessible facilities, specialized training programs, and unwavering support for para-athletes have laid the foundation for a flourishing para sports community.

“You always expect Delhi to be at forefront of para games because there is more awareness about these sports in the country’s capital.


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