Illegal Mining: 458 Vehicles Seized, 459 Arrested in North Kashmir

Baramulla, Nov 1: Jammu and Kashmir police in their ongoing drive against illegal mining have arrested around 459 persons and seized 458 vehicles involved in illegal extraction and transportation of minerals during the current year.

Moreover, police said that 177 cases have been registered against illegal miners.

A police spokesperson in a statement said, “Baramulla police have registered 177 cases and arrested 459 persons so far. Moreover, 458 vehicles used in illegal transport of minerals which includes 210 Tippers, 238 Tractors & 10 excavators have also been seized from different areas of the district. “

“Baramulla Police along with the Mineral Department realized fine in lacs for illegal extraction/ transportation of minerals in the district,” it reads.

The statement reads that the violators are taking undue advantage of night hours by extracting minerals illegally detriment to the health of people, the ecology and the revenue of the government.

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