In Baramulla, Imams heed Police call to deliver Friday sermons against drug abuse

Baramulla, Nov 17: In a significant development, the Imams in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district heeded the call of the Jammu and Kashmir Police to use their influential Friday sermons as a platform to address the escalating issue of drug abuse.

From Uri to Pattan, dozens of clerics delivered impassioned messages, raising awareness about the perils of addiction that have involved the youth in the region.

This concerted effort follows the Police’s strategic initiative, implemented months ago, to engage religious figures in the fight against drug addiction.

The Imams, respected and listened to by their communities, have become integral allies in the battle against the drug menace.

During their Friday sermons, the religious leaders emphasised that addiction is the root cause of various sins, affecting not only males but females as well.

They urged parents to shield their children from substance abuse through counseling and spending quality time with them.

The clerics articulated the dire consequences of drug addiction and called on both the older and younger generations to raise awareness and eliminate this societal evil.

The religious clerics, in their sermons, commended the Police for their proactive stance and highlighted the importance of community collaboration in eradicating drug abuse.

The ongoing campaign spearheaded by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpure seeks to leverage the influence of religious leaders to disseminate information about the destructive effects of drug abuse and foster a collective effort to purge the district of this social scourge.

Representing diverse communities, the Imams pledged their unwavering support to the police’s mission, aiming to make Baramulla district completely drug-free.

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There has been a significant decline in cases registered against drug peddlers over the past few months, indicating a positive impact on the anti-drug campaign launched by the Police in Baramulla.

The Police’s multifaceted approach in Baramulla focuses on disrupting the supply chain, a role they actively play, and concurrently addressing the demand for drugs by engaging the community.

A Police official said that the Friday sermons, with their wide audience reach, serve as a critical component in shaping a drug-free future for Baramulla.

The Police in Baramulla roped in Imams to raise their voice against the menace of drug addiction owing to the impact of their voice as people “listen to them and respect them as well”.


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