India, Australia joint Military Exercise “AUSTRAHIND-2022” starts today

The bilateral army training workout between the Indian Army and the Australian Army is scheduled to take area from Monday (28-November-2022) at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges Rajasthan.

A unique brigade of the Australian Army has arrived in India to participate in the army exercising. That is the first exercise in the collection of AUSTRAHIND-2022 with the participation of all arms and services from both armies. The joint navy exercise via the Indian and Australian Armed force will begin on November 28 and it will last till 11th December, a Defence Ministry official informed this on Sunday.

The Ministry of Defence stated that the Australian Army contingent comprising infantrymen from the 13th Brigade of the 2nd Division has arrived at the workout place. The Indian Army is represented with the aid of troops from the DOGRA Regiment. Exercising AUSTRAHIND-2022 is a yearly occasion that will be conducted alternatively in India and Australia.

“The aim of the exercise is to build positive military relations, imbibe each other’s best practices and promote the capability to function together while undertaking multi-domain operations in semi-deserts terrain under a UN peace enforcement mandate. This joint exercise will allow the both the armies to share best practices in tactics, techniques and procedures for conducting tactical operations at the Company and Platoon stage for neutralizing hostile threats,” the Defence Ministry official added.

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