India Sets Global Benchmark in TB Eradication Efforts: WHO Report

This report highlights India’s substantial progress in case detection, treatment coverage, and reduction in

incidence and mortality rates. India’s efforts have outpaced global trends, with a 16% reduction in TB incidence and an 18% decrease in TB mortality since 2015.

The Global TB Report 2023 underscores India’s significant strides in improving case detection and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on its

Noteworthy achievements include an 80% treatment coverage of estimated TB cases, marking a remarkable 19% increase from the previous year.

Reduction in TB Incidence:

India has achieved an impressive 16% reduction in TB incidence since 2015, nearly double the global rate of 8.7%. This accomplishment reflects India’s unwavering commitment to combatting TB on a national scale.


Decline in TB Mortality:

Both India and the global community have witnessed an 18% reduction in TB-related mortality rates. This reduction is particularly significant, with the WHO revising TB mortality rates from 4.94 lakhs in 2021 to 3.31 lakhs in 2022, representing a notable 34% decrease.

Improved Treatment Coverage:

India’s concerted efforts have led to an 80% treatment coverage of estimated TB cases, a commendable 19% rise from the previous year. This milestone signifies a substantial improvement in providing essential care to TB patients across the country.

Initiatives and Strategies Adopted by India:

India’s success can be attributed to a series of strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts between the WHO and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:

Ni-Kshay Mitra Abhiyan:

This campaign has played a pivotal role in enhancing case detection and treatment. Over 50 meetings between the technical teams of WHO and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare have contributed to the generation of new evidence, in-country mathematical modeling, and data from the Ni-kshay portal, which tracks the treatment journey of every TB patient.

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Specialized Active Case Finding Drives:

The government’s launch and scaling of specialized active case-finding drives have resulted in a record-high notification of cases, with over 24.22 lakh TB cases notified in 2022, surpassing pre-COVID levels.

Private Sector Engagement:

Collaborations with the private sector have been instrumental in bridging gaps in case detection, further reinforcing India’s commitment to combatting TB.

To conclude, India’s progress in combating TB is a testament to the country’s dedication and strategic initiatives. The government’s robust approach, combined with collaborative efforts with the WHO, has resulted in impressive reductions in TB incidence and mortality rates. By prioritizing TB elimination and investing additional resources, India is taking bold steps towards a TB-free future.

“India’s remarkable progress in TB control showcases the power of coordinated efforts and unwavering commitment to public health. Together, we can achieve a TB-free future (1 Trusted Source
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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