Indian Army, J&K Cable car collaboration showcases commitment in retrieval mission

Baramulla, Jan 22: The J&K Cable Car Corporation and the Indian Army have showcased their exceptional partnership in a recent incident that marked a milestone in their longstanding association.

In a handout issued here, on January 11 of 2024, Gunner Gurpreet Singh lost his life while performing operational duties at a forward post along the Line of Control (LoC).

Responding promptly to an urgent request from Army authorities, Raja Yaqoob, the Managing Director, and Showkat Ahmed Bhatt, Project incharge of J&K Cable Car Services in Gulmarg, played a crucial role in the retrieval mission of Gunner Gurpreet Singh’s mortal remains from Apharwat to Gulmarg.

The J&K Cable Car Corporation, known for its joint rescue efforts with the Indian Army, demonstrated an admirable combination of efficiency and compassion, the handout reads.

It reads that the team, led by Showkat Ahmed Bhatt, worked tirelessly to operationalise the cable car system in sub-zero temperatures during the night, ensuring a swift and dignified retrieval of the fallen soldier’s mortal remains.

The operation, executed with precision and professionalism, unfolded in the dead of the night as the cable car swung into action at 0100hrs.

“Negotiating the challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions, the cable car team successfully transported Gunner Gurpreet Singh’s mortal remains from the remote forward post to Gulmarg, highlighting their dedication and capability to navigate challenging circumstances,” it reads.


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