Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit 2023 begins in Kathmandu to promote Nepal as prime wedding destination

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: The Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit 2023 kicked off here on Friday with a view to promoting Nepal as a prime wedding destination.

Around two dozen wedding bianca (wedding organisers) from India and representatives of hotels and resorts in Nepal are taking part in the two-day summit.

The summit is being organised with a view to positioning Nepal as an important wedding destination in South Asia, according to the organisers.

During panel discussions at the summit, wedding planners of India, prestigious hotels and resorts of Nepal and various other private as well as public stakeholders discussed various issues, including policies, legalities and physical infrastructure, to develop the Himalayan nation as a prime wedding destination.

Sumti Garg, the chairman of the Event and Entertainment Management Association of India, expressed the view that due to social and cultural proximity, open borders and natural beauty Nepal can be an attractive destination for Indians wishing to arrange special wedding events.

He, however, underscored the need for developing the necessary infrastructure and easing customs procedures for the Indian wedding organisers to promote such events.

On the occasion, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board Dhananjaya Regmi said the Himalayan nation is ready to address issues including customs waiver and building adequate infrastructure to promote the country as a wedding destination.

Last year, Nepal’s star hotels hosted around 150 wedding events from India, generating a business equivalent to Rs 300 crore, according to data released at the press meet organised at the beginning of the event. (PTI)

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