International rounds of 18th LAWASIA International Moot Competition held

Srinagar, Nov 27: The inaugural ceremony of the International rounds of 18 th LAWASIA International Moot Competition, 2023 was organised by LAWASIA- The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific— in association with the Bar Association of India.

The ceremony took place on November 24, 2023 at Dwaraka Auditorium, Ramaiah Campus, Bengaluru. The ceremony witnessed the august presence of Dr. M.R. Jayaram, Hon’ble Chairman, Gokula Education Foundation (GEF); Raphael Tay, Chair, LAWASIA Moot Standing Committee; Isomi Suzuki, Former President of LAWASIA; West Nareth Hib, Representative from LAWASIA Moot Judges; M.R. Anandaram, Director, Ramaiah College of Law; . B.S. Ramaprasad, Chief Executive, GEF; G. Ramachandra, Chief Finance Officer, GEF; Prof. Umamahesh Sathyanarayan, Principal, RCL.

Addressing the gathering, M.R. Jayaram emphasised the paramount significance of law and justice. He underscored the pivotal role that effective communication skills play in the legal profession, highlighting their importance for lawyers.

M.R. Jayaram also expounded on the crucial role of a lawyer in aiding judges to arrive at sound judgments, thus emphasising the collaborative nature of the legal system.

Expressing gratitude, Raphael Tay commended Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru for hosting the event, acknowledging the significance of the occasion. He highlighted that the gathering provided a distinctive opportunity for mutual learning among participants. He also emphasized the value of such collaborative environments, where individuals from diversebackgrounds can share knowledge and insights, enriching the overall learning experience.

Isomi Suzuki focused on the significant role played by moot court competitions in fostering a platform for the exchange of compelling arguments. According to Suzuki, such exchanges serve as valuable opportunities for participants to engage in reasoned discourse, ultimately leading to the resolution of disputes. He noted that the transformative nature of these competitions lies in the conversion of mere argument exchanges into well- reasoned advocacy, elevating the quality of legal discourse and contributing to the broader goals of Law Asia.

Seven qualifying teams, including participants from NLU Jodhpur, and Singapore Management University, Singapore, are set to compete in the international rounds of the event. The four-day-long competition will feature various sessions, culminating in the determination of the winning team on November 27th, following multiple intense and competitive rounds.

The moot problem is based on Artificial Intelligence and its interplay with technology. It is meticulously crafted to align with the nuances of the host jurisdiction, ensuring a relevant connection between the legal issues addressed in the moot problem and the legal landscape and culture of the host country. Since its inception in 2005, the competition has grown,currently spanning across 60 law schools from 30 different jurisdictions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, China, Australia to name a few.


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