Israel agrees to delay Gaza invasion

Jerusalem, Oct 25: Israel has agreed to delay the invasion of Gaza as of now, media reports said.

The US military officials are trying to convince Israel against carrying out a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’s October 7 attacks, CNN reported.

As per the report, American officials advised the IDF against a counter-invasion, with the fear it could “endanger hostages, civilians, and further inflame tensions in the region”, Jerusalem Post reported.

Instead, the IDF was urged to deploy a “combination of precision airstrikes and targeted special operations raids” across the Strip, Jerusalem Post reported.

The United States has sent a significant amount of naval power to the Middle East in recent weeks, including two aircraft carriers, their support ships and about 2,000 Marines.

Washington is on heightened alert for activity by Iran-backed groups as regional tensions soar during the Israel-Hamas war, Jerusalem Post reported.

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