ISRAEL-GAZA CONFLICT | Israel issues warning to Lebanon amid escalating conflict in Gaza, Lebanon

New Delhi, Dec 28: The Gaza Health Ministry has reported that Israeli strikes on Thursday have claimed the lives of 50 Palestinians in Beit Lahiya, Khan Younis, and Maghazi areas. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent reveals at least 10 casualties and 12 injuries near El Amal City Hospital in Khan Younis.

Israeli forces have conducted raids in Ramallah and other West Bank cities. Tens of thousands of Palestinians are fleeing central Gaza and Khan Younis to escape the intensifying Israeli attacks, according to the World Health Organization.

Since October 7, Gaza has witnessed a devastating toll, with 21,110 people killed and 55,243 injured in Israeli attacks. In response, Hamas’s attacks on Israel have resulted in 1200 killings. The Israel Defence Forces are on “very high readiness” for potential further fighting in the north, aiming to restore security. There is growing concern as cross-border exchanges of fire escalate, marked by Hezbollah’s highest number of daily attacks since October 8.

Hezbollah, designated a terrorist organization by Western states, Israel, Gulf Arab countries, and the Arab League, has heightened tensions. With backing from Iran, it stands as one of the world’s most heavily armed non-state military forces.

Israeli warplanes respond swiftly to increased rocket fire and weaponised drone use by Hezbollah. Reports from Lebanon indicate casualties, including a Hezbollah fighter and two relatives killed in an Israeli airstrike near the border.

Israeli casualties on the Lebanon border include four civilians and nine soldiers, with thousands evacuated from nearby communities. The situation is evolving rapidly, with implications for a wider regional conflict.

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In a stern declaration, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has issued a warning that Israel’s military is prepared to take decisive action to expel Hezbollah forces from the Lebanon border should their attacks persist.

Gantz emphasized that military intervention is imminent unless the militants cease their offensive activities targeting northern Israel. The minister underscored the dwindling window for a diplomatic resolution, signalling a heightened state of urgency in addressing the escalating tensions in the region.


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