JD (U) demands more jobs for educated youth

Srinagar, Nov 18: Vivek Bali State General Secretary JD (U) J&K urged government of India and LG UT to announce extra jobs for educated youths of J&K .

In a statement, Vivek Bali said that J&K UT has seen politics only in last seventy years by all the national and regional political parties who have done only false promises with the people of J&K.

Vivek Bali also said our educated youth are facing mental depression due to the unavailability of jobs in J&K. Bali also mentioned that this is the right time when the people of J&K will come together and support the JD(U).

JD(U) will always work for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and whatever Jammu/Kashmir had lost in last seventy years will work together to get back lost business as well as lost developmental ,peace and brotherhood process .

Vivek Bali have urged government of India and LG administration to announce 20,000 posts in police department and thirty thousand posts in state/central departments for J&K educated youth. Bali also appreciated LG efforts in development of J&K.


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