Journey of ‘PhD Sabzi Wala’ – Why an Ex-Punjabi University Professor Embraced Selling Vegetables

A man boasting four Master’s degrees and a PhD has shifted from his academic career to selling vegetables on the streets of Punjab due to challenging circumstances. Dr. Sandeep Singh, a former contractual professor at Patiala’s Punjabi University, faced unfortunate setbacks leading to his departure from the teaching profession.

Having devoted approximately 11 years to teaching in the Law Department with a PhD in Law and additional Master’s degrees in subjects such as Punjabi, Journalism, and Political Science, Singh, now a vegetable vendor, remains committed to further studies.

Issues such as salary cuts and irregular payments prompted Singh to resign. Despite his desire to continue teaching, prevailing circumstances hinder his pursuit. Currently enrolled in B.Lib studies, he intends to persist in lifelong learning.

Interestingly, Singh, selling vegetables door-to-door, asserts earning more income in this role compared to his previous profession. Amid a hectic schedule, he dedicates time after work to prepare for forthcoming examinations.

Notably, his cart proudly displays a board identifying him as “PhD Sabzi Wala.”

Despite leaving academia, Singh’s passion for teaching endures. His switch to vegetable vending aims to accumulate savings for a future aspiration: establishing his own tuition center.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by The Kashmir Monitor staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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