Kashmir beloved weatherman Sonam Lotus transferred.

Leh, October 29: In a significant development, Sonam Lotus, a renowned weatherman and the Director of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, has been transferred to Ladakh, where he will now head the Meteorological Center in Leh.

This transition, as per an order issued by the Director General of Metrology, is effective immediately.

Sonam Lotus, holding the position of Scientist-E, has been relieved of his duties as Head of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar until further orders. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, another accomplished Scientist-D, will take over as the Head of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, also with immediate effect until further directives are issued.

For over a decade, Sonam Lotus had been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the local Meteorological Center in Srinagar. Under his guidance, the center underwent significant transformations in infrastructure, service quality, and the development of human resources. His name became synonymous with discussions on weather in Kashmir, earning recognition among the general public.

Simultaneously, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, who joined the Meteorological Center in Srinagar in 2016 as Deputy Director, will now be at the helm of the Meteorological Center in Srinagar, following official orders from the India Meteorological Department.

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