Kashmir Runners Club to organise Run from Bakshi Stadium on World Diabetes Day

Srinagar, Nov 13: In a bid to raise awareness about the growing concerns of diabetes and promote a healthier lifestyle, the Kashmir Runners Club has announced a special run from Bakshi Stadium at 7 am on World Diabetes Day November 14. The event aims to emphasise the critical role of physical fitness in preventing and managing diabetes.

The Kashmir Runners Club, known for its initiatives to promote an active lifestyle, is organising this run to draw attention to the importance of regular exercise in maintaining overall health and combating diabetes. With diabetes becoming a prevalent health issue, the club seeks to contribute to community well-being by encouraging physical activity.

Highlighting the importance of running and physical activity in maintaining cardiovascular health, Dr. Irfan Ahmad, a prominent cardiologist, stressed the positive impact of running on heart health. He remarked, “Engaging in regular running not only helps in controlling weight but also plays a crucial role in keeping the heart healthy. It is an effective way to prevent conditions like diabetes, which are often linked to a sedentary lifestyle.”

Dr Showkat Shah, another medical professional associated with the initiative, emphasised the significance of incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise into daily routines.

He stated, “Physical activity is a key component in the prevention and management of diabetes. A simple act like running for at least 30 minutes a day can significantly contribute to maintaining overall health and preventing the onset of diabetes.”

The run, scheduled to take place from Bakshi Stadium, not only promotes physical fitness but also serves as a symbolic gesture to unite the community in the fight against diabetes. Participants are expected to include individuals from various age groups and backgrounds, all joining hands to spread the message of a healthier lifestyle.

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The Kashmir Runners Club urges citizens to come together on World Diabetes Day to participate in this meaningful event and take a step towards a healthier and more active future. The run from Bakshi Stadium is poised to be a vibrant demonstration of the community’s commitment to wellness and diabetes prevention.


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