Kashmiri filmmaker Arif Naik wins Swedish Academy of Motion Picture award for ‘Kasheer Kaete’

Srinagar, Jan 02: Arif Bashir, a filmmaker from Kashmir, has added a feather to his cap by securing the Swedish Academy of Motion Picture Award in the short film category. The accolade, bestowed upon Naik for his compelling work, ‘Kasheer Kaete’ (Where is Kashmir), has not only brought pride to the Union Territory but also drawn widespread acclaim.

The news of Bashir’s achievement arrived on the eve of the New Year through an email, marking a significant milestone in the filmmaker’s career. ‘Kasheer Kaete’ revolves around the poignant story of two young siblings, a brother and sister aged 12 and 11, respectively. Naik shared insights into the film, describing how it portrays the challenges faced by a young boy striving to fulfill a promise made to his sister to bring her a birthday cake.

The characters in the film include Adnan, Arzoo, an army man played by Ibn Nazeer, Farooq Ahmad as the father, Tabassum as the mother, and Saba as a domestic helper at a wealthy man’s house.

The crew behind the project features Arif Bashir as the writer and director, Sukant Panigrahi as the production designer, Viraj Sinh Gohil as the cinematographer, Vijai Shankar as the editor, Ankit Mehrotra as the associate director, and Sina Slav responsible for the background score.

The accomplishment is garnering praise both within and outside Kashmir for its compelling storytelling and the sensitive portrayal of the challenges faced by the characters against the backdrop of political situation. The Swedish Academy of Motion Picture Awards (SAMPA) is a distinguished and globally recognized film festival hosted in the scenic city of Stockholm, Sweden.


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