Kashmir’s Business Community Mourns Jhelum Boat Tragedy

Srinagar, Apr 16: Kashmir’s business community has expressed deep sorrow over the loss of life in the boat capsizing tragedy at the Batwara – Gandbal River Jhelum crossing on Wednesday. The devastating incident claimed six precious lives, including school children, leaving the entire Valley in a pall of gloom.


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) issued a statement mourning the catastrophic loss of lives. “We extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who have lost their loved ones, including innocent young students, in this unspeakable tragedy,” said the KCCI spokesperson.

KCCI believes that this tragic incident could have been averted had the concerned authorities shown sensitivity to the situation that existed at the spot and many other dangerous river crossings. “It is perplexing to note that the process of construction of the bridge had been initiated at the site but abandoned for unknown reasons. The safety and security of citizens is the foremost duty of any Government but in this and other such cases, the safety concerns have been ignored. It would be worthwhile to mention that the KCCI in Srinagar Smart City Project Limited meetings had been pressing to take Developmental/Beautification works beyond the Srinagar Municipal Limits. Still, the suggestion was ignored because the funds earmarked would have to be spent within the Srinagar Municipal Limits.”

The KCCI demands that the work on Batwara- Gandabal Bridge be taken up on war footing, as well as on other similarly situated River Crossing bridges/footbridges be taken up/completed on an urgent basis to avert similar incidents and loss of more lives.


The Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has expressed deep shock and sorrow over the devastating boat capsize on the Jhelum River that claimed the lives of six people, including several minors, on Tuesday morning.

KTA President Aijaz Shahdhar conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families impacted by the tragic incident.

“Our hearts are shattered by this terrible loss of life,” Shahdhar said. “To lose innocent young children in such a horrifying manner is an unimaginable tragedy for their families and our entire community.”


Chairman, Nigeen Tourist Traders Association (NTTA), Manzoor Wangnoo, expresses profound grief and heartfelt condolences over the tragic incident of a boat capsizing in Gandbal, Batwara today. The devastating accident has claimed several lives, including innocent schoolchildren, leaving behind a trail of sorrow and mourning.

In light of this heart-wrenching tragedy, Chairman Wangnoo extends his deepest sympathies to the bereaved families, particularly those who have lost their loved ones. He also conveys his sincere wishes for the swift recovery of the injured, hoping for their speedy healing and rehabilitation.

Wangnoo emphasized the crucial need for the administration to provide adequate compensation to the families of the deceased and the injured, acknowledging the immense loss and suffering they have endured.

Residency Road,

Bund Association

Residency Road and Bund Traders Association has expressed deep shock over the boat tragedy which has claimed six lives.

The association in a statement said that the the decision by the Administration to construct a bridge at the site, a project that has been in progress for an extended period, brings to light the glaring shortcomings in our infrastructure development. “While flashy projects that aim to attract tourists may seem appealing, the true essence of development lies in addressing the practical needs and safety concerns of the local community first. We must prioritize the well-being and security of our citizens over superficial endeavours.”

“In the wake of this devastating loss Residency Road and Bund Association extend their support and solidarity to the affected families, our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time,” they said.


BTA President Peer Imtiyaz ul Hassan conveyed the association’s anguish and called for accountability from the authorities.

“It is with a heavy heart that we address the heart-wrenching tragedy at Gandbal, where 19 souls embarked on a journey only to face a calamitous fate,” Hassan said. “Among them, 10 were rescued, but 6 others, including young students and parents, lost their lives in the depths of the water.”


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