Khelo India Centres unearth Volleyball talent in J&K

Srinagar, Apr 2: In a remarkable display of the potential harboured in the remote corners of Jammu and Kashmir, the Khelo India initiative has successfully scouted and nurtured promising volleyball talents from rural areas, equipping them to shine on a higher platform.

This dedication to grassroots development was evident during the recently concluded 35th J&K UT Junior Volleyball Championship for boys and girls held at the MA Stadium in Jammu. The event witnessed the Samba District teams for both boys and girls clinching impressive second-place finishes, showcasing the fruits of the Khelo India programme’s efforts.

Notably, five girls from the Khelo India Volleyball Centre in Gurha Slathia participated in the tournament and achieved a commendable silver medal. These young athletes – Ishima Verma, Rushali Rajput, Lavanya Mahajan, Renuka Bhagat, and Monika Bagal – exemplified the transformative power of focused training and support.

The Khelo India initiative, a flagship programme of the Government of India, aims to revive the sporting culture at the grassroots level by identifying and nurturing talent from even the most remote regions of the country. The success of these rural athletes in the J&K UT Junior Volleyball Championship serves as a testament to the program’s effectiveness in unearthing hidden gems and providing them with the necessary resources and coaching to hone their skills.


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