Khyber Cement launches 2024 calendar featuring ‘Bridges of Kashmir’

Srinagar, Dec 31: Khyber Cement, one of the leading cement conglomerates from Jammu and Kashmir has now launched its innovative Calendar for the year 2024. A statement said that Khyber Cement strongly believes in creating structures like relationships that stand the test of time and focusing on the same theme, this year’s integral design element is ‘The Bridges of Kashmir’.

Khyber Cement’s Calendar for 2024 celebrates the bridges of Jammu and Kashmir serve as the lifeline connecting communities and preserving the rich cultural and historical heritage of the valley.

This calendar signifies the towering values of integrity and progress of Jammu & Kashmir, as reflected in the bridges that dot its picturesque landscapes. Khyber Cement, is proud to be an integral part of this journey, supporting the strength and transition of Jammu and Kashmir and being an important contributor towards it.

Hamida Akhter, General Manager, District Industries Center, Srinagar, said, “Kashmir is an inseparable part of Khyber Cement’s DNA. Khyber Cement takes utmost pride in belonging to the region and reflecting its shades in all manners of our work.”

“The specially designed calendar for 2024 portrays different ‘Bridges of Kashmir’ that stand as an unwavering testament towards its beauty and fortitude. One of the most integral parts of Kashmir’s landscape, the bridges play a key role in offering access to all corners of the region fostering all-round development.”

Khyber Cement continues its stride towards enhancing the well-being of Jammu and Kashmir, persistently striving to rehabilitate the environment. While following ethical and visionary practices, helping the company successfully expand into several businesses they also provided sponsorships to numerous organisations and an assortment of noteworthy causes.


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